Free Range pigs grazing in a big open grassy paddock at sunset.

Situated in the idyllic landscape of Stockinbingal, New South Wales, Australia. Stockinpiggle Pork stands as a distinguished free-range pork producer, committed to ethical production and uncompromising animal welfare. A cornerstone of our butcher shop, Stockinpiggle Pork epitomises our dedication to providing customers with unparalleled, ethically raised pork while contributing to regenerative farming practices.

Stockinpiggle's mission remains steadfast; to supply customers with produce that is not only of the highest quality but is also ethically sourced and farmed regeneratively. We understand the importance of responsible farming in preserving the environment and ensuring the welfare of our animals.

Primarily Rare & Heritage Breed Hampshires and Berkshires Breeds, are born, bred, and raised on Jason & Samantha Bates farm. The pigs are given ample space to roam and engage in their natural behaviours outdoors. This commitment to providing a stress-free and nurturing environment results in pork that is not only superior in taste but also raised in a manner that respects the natural instincts and well-being of the animals. 

Stockinpiggle Pork isn't just about delivering exceptional pork; it's about fostering a connection between consumers and the source of their food. A choice that goes beyond the plate – it's a commitment to a more sustainable and compassionate future for pork production in Australia.