Free Range chickens grazing in a grassy paddock.

Bannockburn Chicken is a free-range chicken producer, taking great pride in fostering a commitment to ethical farming practices, prioritising animal welfare, and delivering a premium product that reflects the natural essence of the Victorian countryside.

At the heart of Bannockburn Chicken's ethos is the belief that happy, healthy chickens result in superior meat. The chickens at Bannockburn are given the freedom to roam and express their natural behaviors on spacious pastures. This commitment to free-range living ensures not only the well-being of the birds but also leads to poultry that is lean, flavourful, and raised in harmony with nature.

The chickens are raised without the use of hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, allowing them to thrive in a stress-free environment. This dedication to ethical practices not only aligns with our values but also ensures that our customers can enjoy high-quality chicken that has been treated with respect and care throughout its life.

Choosing Bannockburn Chicken from our online butcher shop is more than just a culinary decision; it is a conscious choice to support sustainable and humane farming. Our commitment to ethical production extends beyond providing premium poultry—it contributes to building a food system that values both the welfare of animals and the environmental sustainability of our practices.

For those seeking a superior chicken experience, Bannockburn Chicken is a testament to the idea that ethical farming and exceptional taste can go hand in hand. By selecting Bannockburn Chicken, customers not only savor the rich flavors of free-range poultry but also actively participate in promoting a more compassionate and sustainable approach to food production in the heart of Victoria, Australia.