Grass fed dorper lambs grazing on salt bush in rural Victoria. The paddock is vast and open.

 Australians have an undeniable love affair with lamb, ranking among the highest consumers of this succulent meat per capita globally. Our refined taste buds set us apart, recognising the true worth of a top-quality lamb cut. Discover the perfect lamb dish for any occasion - from a perfect bone-in leg for a Sunday roast to juicy marinated lamb sticks grilled on the BBQ. There's a cut of lamb to satisfy every taste and celebration.

Our lamb suppliers change with the seasons to ensure our Lamb is the best all year round. This means we support a variety of local Victorian farms and work alongside them to bring you the best cuts at an affordable price. Berties Butcher exclusively stocks the Dorper Lamb breed.

Dorper Lambs thrive in the arid Australian environment. Originally from South Africa, these lambs consume native and unique Australian plant varieties, imparting a clean, fresh, and naturally seasoned flavour to the meat. The Dorper breed requires minimal handling, eliminating the need for shearing, mulesing, or traditional wool-growing operations, allowing them to lead a stress-free and peaceful life.

Choosing Berties lamb means choosing a culinary experience that goes beyond taste – it's a commitment to quality, supporting local farmers, ethical sourcing and high standards of animal welfare.