Grass fed cows grazing in an open paddock next to the sea.

Bertie's Butcher takes pride in partnering with exceptional beef suppliers who uphold the highest standards of quality, ethical practices, and animal welfare.

Cape Grim Beef, renowned for delivering premium-grade beef that has become a coveted choice for butchers and chefs alike. Situated in the far northwest corner of Tasmania, Cape Grim stands out for having the cleanest air globally and abundant rainfall. This pristine environment, combined with the dedication of Cape Grim farmers, ensures the nurturing of the finest quality cattle without compromising the integrity of the surroundings. The commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness aligns seamlessly with Bertie's values, providing customers with beef that not only meets the highest taste standards but also reflects a deep respect for the land.

Great Southern Pinnacle Grass Fed Beef represents the epitome of grass fed beef—richly marbled while free from substances consumers wish to avoid. Produced from the finest quality British and European breeds of cattle sourced from the lush and fertile pastures of southern Australia where a reliable year-round rainfall creates the perfect environment for raising high quality natural beef. No added hormones, antibiotic free and GMO free.

At Bertie's Butcher, we prioritise grass-fed beef that not only meets the expectations of our customers but also aligns with our values of ethical sourcing and responsible farming. Our team ensures that every cut of beef reflects the dedication to quality and our commitment to providing the finest meat options to our customers.